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In a cluttered world of eReaders, Indigo needed to launch its new eReader and quickly capture market share. The result? Paul created a brand new word that says it all – Kobo. Kobo is an anagram for book. Cool.


When Canada’s largest property and casualty insurance company brought together its existing subsidiaries under one organization with a new vision, values and market position, Paul created its new tag line: “The Power of Together” as part of its strategic transformation.

Sony Stores

To enhance the brand image of the Sony store during the holiday season, Paul developed an overarching theme utilizing the first two letters of Sony with various descriptors to link Sony and the consumer ‘experience’.

Waterfront Toronto

To reposition Waterfront Toronto as the city’s new blue edge, Paul developed a new branding campaign that made a splash with website, brochure and video all part of the mix.

Resonant Medical

To help communicate their new breakthrough solution in Breast IGRT, Paul breathed new life into their brand, renamed and repositioned their product system and developed a compelling creative campaign.

Red Coats Moving Solutions

To help reflect that this industry leading Move Management firm was indeed the leader, Paul created a brand that built on the company’s commitment to delivering peace of mind solutions.

Gaggi Media

Paul offered some fresh thinking and writing for one of the most imaginative media companies in Toronto, bringing their uniquely personable approach to media to life on a platform of ‘let’s talk.’

Mosaic Home Care

Paul helped launch this start up home care company brand by building on the reputation of all three principals who came together - like a mosaic - to make a difference for those in need.

What is your brand?

Quite simply, it’s your most significant asset. Paul is a seasoned Toronto freelance writer who is skilled at building a strong, compelling brand, one that will impact your relationships, drive your revenues and maximize results. Paul offers professional, freelance writing services for creative brand development solutions, including the writing of engaging theme and tag lines for positioning your company, and new name and product development writing.

Paul is an experienced, creative and highly dependable freelancer writer based in Toronto, Ontario. With over 20 years freelance experience you can just plug me in and look forward to uniquely engaging and creative solutions that will achieve results for your clients. I work in such verticals as communications, entertainment, food, financial, fund raising, healthcare, medical, real estate, retail, technology, and much more.